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AUDmobil takes part in the shell Eco-marathon

The American University in Dubai is proud to present AUDmobil, UAE's first electric vehicle to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) competition...

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Construction Executive Roundtable Series (CERtS)

We have successfully launched our Masters of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) program...

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AUD Signs Scholarship Agreement with ICT Fund

AUD School of Engineering offers 30 Full Scholarships to UAE National students who seek to pursue their degree at AUD in the Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Programs.

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Service Life of Concrete Structures

Civil Engineering researchers at AUD are working on a major experimental and analytical study of the service life of reinforced concrete.

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AUD Signs Agreement with SHELL

Aud School of engineering students participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon to build ultra fuel-efficient vehicles.

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