Engineering Centers

Serving the Community at large as a source of expertise from within the AUD faculty members, AUD’s Engineering Centers offer services ranging from training and consultancy to research projects within their respective sectors.
Center for Research and Education in Smart Technologies (CREST) is a computer software research and development center sponsored by the American University in Dubai and directed by the Computer and Information Technology Department. CREST’s core purpose is to research and develop practical software applications in the areas of game design and development, smart mobile device applications...  Read more
ISAC (Infrastructure Sustainability and Assessment Center)
The Infrastructure Sustainability and Assessment Center (ISAC) is the leading source for regional expertise in material durability and service life assessment. The Center serves both academia and the industry and builds upon the expertise of internationally-renowned researchers and professionals, as well as the wealth of data and information on performance of constructed facilities and durability of advanced construction materials in Dubai...    Read more

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