Center for Research and Education in Smart Technologies (CREST)
Center for Research and Education in Smart Technologies (CREST) is a computer software research and development center sponsored by the American University in Dubai and directed by the Computer and Information Technology Department. CREST’s core purpose is to research and develop practical software applications in the areas of game design and development, smart mobile device applications, integrated knowledge based Social Networks, Learning Life Cycle Management™, Health Management, and other related fields. CREST’s vision is to become one of the most prominent centers in applied software research and development.
Research Center Objectives
  • The center will target applied software technology to ensure user acceptance and usability. Applied Software Technology implies software that satisfies market and user requirements for ease of use, functionality, performance, and cost.
  • CREST will try to market its prototypes of successful software applications through interested private companies or sell the right to the technology applications.
  • CREST shall provide an incubation environment to create or advance software applications in the areas of Game Design and Development, mobile smart devices, integrated knowledge-based social networks, Learning Life Cycle Management™, Health Management, and other related fields.
  • CREST will promote state-of-the-art software development methodology, standards, and technologies in the Gulf Region leading to the creation of software applications of the highest quality.
  • In collaboration with the software market leaders in the mobile and enterprise computing, CREST will bridge the gap between industry and academia in the area of Applied Software Technology offering its research and development services for solving and advancing industry software applications and solutions.
The Need for Applied Software Technology
Computer Software is at the heart of the 21st century society, business and industry. It is the fabric of all social, industrial and economic activities. Computer software technology plays an essential role in organizations and inter-organizational business networks of all types.
The Future of Applied Software Technology
CREST goal is to work with first class software industry leaders to help identify and innovate new practical software applications that address academic, industry, and business challenges. CREST objective is to create and identify emerging or uncharted territory of innovative software solutions to satisfy knowledge-driven social interactivity of individuals, communities of best practices, businesses, and industry.
CREST aim is to work with leading-edge software pioneers and framework providers to build solutions on software platforms that win user, business, and industry acceptance. CREST members will help business, communities, industry, and governments solve specific business and industry problems by developing practical software solutions that induce high efficiency and productivity. CREST intent is to enter into cooperative research and development agreements with industry leaders and academia to innovate new and emerging software applications using leading edge software engineering and computer science methodology and technology.
CREST purpose is to collaborate with the local and regional industry leaders to innovate new and improved software applications by means of innovation and development of practical software solutions while adopting novel software development methodologies. CREST offers specialized courses in the areas of game design and development, strategic management, integrated knowledge-based social networks, the art of innovation, technology strategic leadership, and software engineering. CREST promotes leading edge software applications to induce greater efficiency in knowledge sharing and distribution amongst communities of best practices, business environments, and government enterprises. CREST aim to collaborate with the leaders in the software industry to licenses and deliver its new innovated software applications.