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Dr. Mulhim Al Doori Technology has been driving the industry for the last seven decades. The pace of the advancement in technology has taken extra steps toward innovations and developments which make seeing a new technology as a normal process. CREST vision is to keep up with the technology developments by providing the community with three cornerstone contributions: first, collaborate with the industry through a joint research projects that are industry driven; second, provide advanced training courses to the professionals to enhance their technical skills; an third provide smart software solutions to the business and the industry in UAE.


CREST operates in collaboration with the software market leaders by bridging the gap between the industry and academia in the area of applied software technology offering its consultative research and development services and professional training through innovation and advancement of software applications. CREST provides its expert consulting services and professional training in the computer software and hardware fields to professional organizations in the form of consulting contracts, collaboration agreements or partnerships. Please contact us for any inquiry about CREST.


Dr. Mulhim Al Doori

CREST Director

Professor of Computer Science


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