Research & Services

ISAC provides a broad range of professional services, spanning pre- and post-construction of engineering facilities. Examples of the services provided by the Center include:
  • Pre-construction review of project specifications and QA/QC plans.
  • Pre-construction review of geotechnical reports and recommendations for foundation design
  • Review of structural and geotechnical designs, and analysis of structural and foundation systems using state-of-the-art software.
  • Recommendations and professional input regarding local materials and environments and regional requirements.
  • Assessment of the service life of structural elements using computer models, based on local environmental inputs.
  • Monitoring and assessment of concrete durability-related issues such as corrosion of reinforcing steel and sulfate attack.
  • Assessment of the service life of structural elements based on used materials and structural details (e.g. concrete cover over reinforcing steel; use of steel liners)
  • Diagnosis and recommendations for repair alternatives related to concrete performance, from selection of mix proportions and concrete production to performance under different environmental conditions.
  • Diagnosis and recommendations for repair alternatives for superstructures and foundation systems.
  • Review of construction processes in terms of compliance with standards and best practices.
  • Review and monitoring of project safety, productivity, and construction management processes.


The center is carrying out a number of research projects in the following areas:
  • Optimization of mix design and chemical additives to improve durability of concrete materials in sulfate- and chloride-rich environments
  • Modeling and assessment of service life of concrete materials in coastal and offshore structures
  • Predictive models for rate of corrosion of steel reinforcement
  • Ground improvment and reduction of liquefaction susceptibility of reclaimed land deposits
  • Characterization of the stress-deformation characteristics of weathered limestone and sandstone

Our research is supported by several industrial partners, government agencies, and non-profit foundations.