Admission Requirements

M.S.C.M. Program Specific Admission Criteria
  • An undergraduate degree in Engineering, Architecture, or a closely-related discipline, from a recognized institution is required from applicants to the M.S.C.M. Program.
  • Applicant’s work experience: Candidates who have a minimum of three years of work experience will be given preference for admission. However, the nature, scope, length, breadth, variety and significance of the work experience will also be taken into account in the preference ranking of candidates.
  • For students whom do not have a background in Engineering, Architecture or a closely-related discipline, undergraduate transcripts will be evaluated to determine whether undergraduate prerequisite courses are required or a placement examination. M.S.C.M. Program applicants lacking the following courses or their equivalent in their undergraduate studies may be required to take undergraduate level prerequisites prior to enrolling in the subsequent graduate level courses: ENGG 255 Engineering Design and Economics, ENGG 300 Probability and Statistics in Engineering, ECVL 360 Structural Analysis I, and ECVL 420 Construction Engineering and Management.


General Admissions Requirements
Academic Requirements
  • An Application for Admission to the Graduate Program, duly completed, signed and dated by the applicant. To download please click here.
  • A 3.00 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) or better in undergraduate study. For students with undergraduate credits earned at more than one institution, a separate GPA is calculated.
  • Required averages vary by systems. Students should consult an AUD Admissions Representative for pertinent requirements.
  • Undergraduate / Graduate Records: Official (sealed) transcripts from all universities, colleges, or other institutions of higher learning at which the applicant completed undergraduate and graduate studies.

    Click here for the Office of Admissions Website for further details regarding attestation, diplomas and reference forms
Test Requirements
  • TOEFL® - (original required for verification). International TOEFL® score of 550 (CAT 213) + TWE of 4.0 or Internet-based TOEFL® score of 79-80 is required. AUD Int’l TOEFL® code is 0063.
  • International IELTS™ score of 6.5 + 6.5 on writing part.

    For more information about TOEFL and IELTS click here
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE®): MSCM applicants must complete the quantitative portion of the Graduate Record Examination. Results must be sent directly to the Admissions Office before full admission can be granted. AUD's GRE® code is 7493
Additional requirement pertaining to Personal Data, Financial and Credit Transfers can be found here.


Students should be aware that all original records, letters and other documents provided to AUD as part of the admissions process will remain university property. Physical records for rejected applicants and “no-shows”, which are not collected within two years of submission, are destroyed.
Application Process
The university reserves the right to evaluate the adequacy of all credentials submitted for admission. Furthermore, students are reminded that omission or falsification of information constitutes sufficient reason for rejection or dismissal. This dismissal, requiring the President’s approval, may occur at any time during a student’s residence at AUD; i.e., upon discovery of the omission/falsification.