26 Apr Civil Engineering Senior Design Project Presentation
18 Apr Atkins Seminar Series - Skin Friction Resistance of Pile Design Using Preliminary Pile Testing in Dubai
07 Apr 10th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition
28 Mar Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Frames Strengnthed with CFRP Fabric NSM Bar
21 Mar Atkins Seminar Series - The Interface between Architecture and Engineering
28 Feb Smart Structural Design Solutions for Complex Buildings
21 Feb Engineering Innovations of Precast Concrete Structures
21 Feb Atkins Seminar Series - Underground Structures
05 Feb Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Bored Piles Conference and Workshop
08 Nov Geotechnical Sustainability | Atkins Seminar
09 Oct Soil Investigation & Deep Foundation
25 Sep Precast Industry and Modern Practices
20 Jun MSCM Thesis Defence By ESRA`A ABU ALFALAYEH
13 Jun MSCM Thesis Defence By LUAY AYYASH
21 April Senior Design Project Presentation : Civil Engineering
19 March The 8th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition
27 May ASCE President's visit to AUD
23 April Senior Design Project Presentation - Civil Engineering Department
21 March The 7th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition
01 May Civil Engineering Department - Senior Design Project Presentation
19 April The 6th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition
26 February Talk with Bentley-BIM Solutions
13 November Engineering Talks - Role of Scientific Phenomena in Civil and Environmental Engineering
29 October HSE – Sustainable Development - PCE UAE
08 October Negative & Positive Contract Management - PCE UAE
10 September Engineering Talks
19 April The 6th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition
12 March Railway Project Management and Systems Engineering
13 February Black Art of "Dewatering"
12 February Concrete Design and Production in UAE Market
29 January ICES Monthly Seminar
29 January IstructE Session - Wind Tunnel Testing
22 January Seminar on Case Study: Masdar Siemens HQ Low Carbon Building
15 January IstructE - Corporate Sustainability Reporting using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines
11 December PCE Monthly Meeting at AUD
11 December CICES Monthly Meeting at AUD
09 December Construction Executive Roundtable Series
10 October Engineering talks with Dr. Edgar P. Small
26 September Seminar on U.S. Green Building Council's Center for Green Schools
25 September PCE Professional Review Preparation
11 September Seminar on GRP Pipe Systems for Infrastructure Challenges
19 June IStructE Monthly Seminar
11 June CICES UAE Region CPD Programme
10 June MSCM Information Session
23 May May 2012 CPD event
22 May PCE Professional Review Sessions
14-15 March DFIMEC2012 Conference
7 March Structural Waterproofing Seminar
Feb - Apr IStructE CM Preparation Course

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