Mission and Goals


The mission of the Master of Science Program in Construction Management is to prepare a culturally diverse student population for successful careers by equipping them with the technical tools needed to plan, manage, and execute construction programs and projects in a safe, sustainable, and ethical manner. The Program provides a unique integration of global and regional perspectives within the curriculum, and emphasizes the role of technology, technical communication, and research in the construction management profession.


The M.S.C.M. Program prepares graduates who will:

  • Advance their professional careers while staying technically current in the field of construction management or related disciplines
  • Demonstrate social and ethical responsibility by adhering to the principles of sustainability, safety, and cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Articulate professional arguments, perspectives, and decisions through technical communication

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Construction Management, students will have demonstrated:

  • Apply knowledge in the core areas of planning, scheduling, estimating, and construction equipment and methods
  • Differentiate between different project delivery methods and contract types, in relation to construction laws and regulations
  • Use decision analysis tools and computer applications to reach informed decisions in construction projects
  • Communicate technical information effectively in written, oral, and graphical formats
  • Explain the professional and ethical obligations governing the construction management profession
  • Demonstrate knowledge in current issues and modern trends in construction management research and practice


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