Dr. Lana El Chaar

Dr. El Chaar is the General Manager for Professional Services at GE Power Services; she leads a large team for the development, configuration, deployment and integration of all software solutions to meet customer needs.

Prior to this role, she was the product line manager leading energy efficiency initiatives and provided technical support for all GE uprate solutions for the Frame 7 heavy duty gas turbine. Dr. El Chaar also led the first Industrial Internet GE solution based on fuel savings, megawatt additions, performance improvements, and optimized plant outages.

Prior to joining GE, Dr. Lana held several teaching positions in highly respectable universities in the Middle East region; her research focused on power electronics and specifically on the rectification and power quality. In addition, her works has been mostly focused on renewable energy in general and photovoltaic and wind energy. Dr. El Chaar has several publications and book chapters and served as the Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Education, Power Syst. & Apparatus Education.

Received my BSEE, MSEE and PhD from the university in Minnesota (U of M), USA in Electrical Engineering , Power electronics