Nabila Charkaoui

As a Senior Information Architect, Business Analytics Principle and SME, Nabila has been designing, building and managing Business Analytics and Information Management projects in the MEA region since 2005, With multiple successful deployments in different industries such as Government, Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, Travel and others. She has a passion for building useful applications using IBM technology, delivering value and supporting her MEA clients during their Big Data and Analytics journey.

With an Engineering background, Nabila holds an MBA in Technology Management for International Businesses and a MSc in Information and Communication Systems from Hamburg University, Germany, she has also written her PhD thesis in the Artificial Intelligence domain specifically on applying Human Consciousness concepts to distributed intelligent systems.

Nabila is an Open Group Certified Mater IT Architect. and Acting Member of MEP TEC, an IBM Academy Affiliate, Expert Architect for the Biztech Smarther Buildings solution with emphasis on Predictive maintenance and Energy Optimization. Nabila also manages the IBM Women in Engineering and Technology Mentoring Program at Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE)