Keynote Speakers
The conference program features four Keynote Lectures by the following internationally renowned experts:

Heinz Brandl

Prof. Heinz Brandl
Professor Emeritus, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
Chairman, Austrian Geotechnical Society

Turan Durgunoglu

Dr. Turan Durgunoglu
Professor Emeritus, Bogazici University, Turkey
Chairman, ZETAŞ Zemin Teknolojisi

Rudolph Frizzi

Mr. Rudolph P. Frizzi
Senior Principal, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, USA
Immediate Past President, Deep Foundation Institute

Serge Varaksin

Mr. Serge Varaksin
Director, Menard Geosystems, France
Chairman, ISSMGE Technical Committee on Ground Improvement


Technical Program (Tentative)

 Day One: Wednesday March 14

08:30 onwardRegistration - Main Foyer
08:30-09:15Coffee and Refreshments - Main Foyer

Opening Remarks
Alaa Ashmawy, Conference Chair
Mamdouh Nasr, DFI Middle East Committee Chair

Heinz Brandl

Keynote Lecture | Prof. Heinz Brandl, Austria
Cyclic Preloading of In-Situ Piles and Box-Shaped Deep Foundations to Improve Bearing-Settlement Behavior

10:15-10:45Coffee Break - Main Foyer

Plenary Session A: Characterization
Design Considerations and Testing of Megashafts in Coastal Plain Geology of South Carolina, USA
  Luis Eduardo Gonzalez | ECS Carolinas, USA
  Stephen John Geiger | ECS Carolinas, USA
A Case Study of Deep Foundations in the Coral Formation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  Hamid Ismail | RGF, Saudi Arabia
  Shahzad Shafiq | RGF, Saudi Arabia
  Ehtesham Mehmood | RGF, Saudi Arabia
  Muhammad Qasim | RGF, Saudi Arabia
Implementation of CPT Technology in Design and Analysis of Driven Piles
  Hani H. Titi | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
  Murad Y. Abu-Farsakh | Louisiana Transportation Research Center, USA
  Mark J. Morvant | Louisiana Transportation Research Center, USA


Lunch - Room E-421

Serge Varaksin

Keynote Lecture | Mr. Serge Varaksin, France
Concept and Parameters of Ground Improvement in Cohesionless Soils of the Arabian Peninsula


Expert Panel: Ground Improvement and Foundation Repair
Restoration of Bearing Capacity of Existing "Short" Drilled Shafts using Base Grouting
  Emad Sharif | ACES, UAE
Combining High Vacuum Consolidation and Dynamic Compaction for Rapid Improvement of Soft Cohesive Soils
  Roberto Yingko Liang | University of Akron, USA

Load Test on Vibro Stone Columns in the Sea Near Abu Dhabi, UAE
  Wolfgang Jimmy Wehr | Keller Holding, Germany
  Guido Freitag | Keller Grundbau, Germany
  Tammo Kohler | Keller Grundbau, Germany
Panel Discussion

15:45-14:15Coffee Break - Main Foyer

Plenary Session B: Modeling
Innovative Construction Technique Analyzed by FEM for Shallow Foundations on Reactive Soils
  Mohamed Shahin | Curtin University, Australia
  Mostafa Ismail | Advanced Geomechanics, Australia
Modeling and Analysis of Lateral Loading Test on Large Diameter Bored Pile in Sandy Soil
  Ala Nasir Aljorany | Baghdad University, Iraq
  Fouad Aljumaily | Philadelphia University, Jordan
Three-dimensional Finite Element Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Drilled Shaft Subjected to Axial Load
  Masoud Hajali | Florida International University, USA
  Caesar Abishdid | Florida International University, USA

17:45-16:15Poster setup
18:15Bus transportation from AUD to Conference Banquet

Conference Banquet - Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach (JBR)

 Day Two: Thursday March 15

08:30 onwardRegistration - Main Foyer
08:30-09:00Poster setup
08:30-09:00Coffee and Refreshments - Main Foyer

Turan Durgunoglu

Keynote Lecture | Dr. Turan Durgunoglu, Turkey
Partial Top-Down Construction Using Permanent Diaphragm Walls - A Case Study


Poster Session - Main Foyer, Mezzanine Level
Analysis and Design of Platepile Reinforced Embankments
  Hamed Hamedifar | University of California at Berkeley, USA

Analysis of Static and Dynamic Axial Pile Load Tests
  Mohamed E. Salama | Port Said University, Egypt
  Marawan Shahien | Tanta University, Egypt
Architecture Urban Design and Environmental Engineering - The Case of Bistritsa Hills Sofia, Bulgaria
  Saf Fahim | Achronica Architects, USA

Assessment of Critical Success Factors for Piling Contractors in Middle East
  Yehia Farouk Itani | Trevi Group, Saudi Arabia

Behavior of Concrete-Filled GFRP Piles under Lateral Loads
  Alaa Ata | Zagazig University, Egypt
  Nagwa Elsakhawi | Zagazig University, Egypt
  Ahmed Gehad | Zagazig University, Egypt
  Marwa Nabil | Zagazig University, Egypt

Analysis of On Land Instrumented Preliminary Pile Load Tests for Off Shore Piles, Dubai, UAE
  Julian Tyson | Halcrow, UAE
Combined Pile Raft Analysis of High Rise Tower Using SSI Approach
  Mohamed Faizur Rahman | DTMFZA, UAE
Correlation of Swelling Pressure with Index Properties of Expansive Soils
  Abiel Ngusse Lukas | Arba Minch University, Ethiopia
Foundation Problems with "Reinforced Soil"
  Andreas Brandner | IB-Brandner, Austria

High Capacity Helical Piles-A New Dimension For Deep Foundations
  Mohammed Sakr | WorleyParsons, Canada

Investigation of Some Misleading Test Results of Concrete Used for Bored Piles in the UAE
  Ahmed A. Al-Mufty | Al-Habtoor STFA Soil Group, UAE

Observational Method in Ground Engineering
  Salah Al Dilimi | Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, UAE
  Mohamed Maghazy | Systra, UAE
Sustainability in Piled Foundations
  Alida Saleh | Exp International Services Inc, Canada
  Silvana Micic | University of Western Ontario, Canada


Plenary Session C: Experience
Complex Geotechnical Aspects of Mega Projects - Changi WRP Project, Singapore
  Suresh Parashar | CH2M Hill, UAE
  Edward Sloan | CH2M Hill, Canada
Capacity of Rock-Socketed Drilled Shafts in the Mid-Atlantic Region, USA
  MD Sahadat Hossain | University of Texas Arlington, USA
Instrumentation and Full-Scale Lateral Load Testing of a Batter Pile Group Foundation at I-10 Twin Span Bridge
  Murad Abu-farsakh | Louisiana State University, USA
Misuse of Auger Cast-in-Place Piles
  Khaled El-Sayed Gaaver | Alexandria University, Egypt
  Fathi M. Abdrabbo | Alexandria University, Egypt

12:45-14:00Lunch - Room E-421

Rudolph Frizzi

Keynote Lecture | Mr. Rudolph P. Frizzi, USA
Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis-Practical Applications


Plenary Session D: Innovation
Thermal Integrity Profiling: The Method and a Case Study
  Brent Robinson | Pile Dynamics Inc, USA
Steel Fibers Reinforced Grouted and Fiber Reinforced Polymer Grouted Helical Screw Piles
  Yasser Abdelghany | Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, British Columbia, Canada
  Hesham El Naggar | University of Western Ontario, Canada
Use of GEWI® Micropiles for Uplift Resistance
  Klaus Lanzinger | Diwydag Systems International, Germany


Closing Remarks: Mamdouh Nasr, DFI Middle East Committee Chair