Dubai | April 6-8, 2015


Following in the footsteps of the 1st MESAT Conference 2010 in Lebanon and the 2nd MESAT Conference 2013 in Sharjah, the 3rd MESAT Conference 2015 is bringing together a whole array of activities. Under the theme `Performance-Based Specifications and Design for Sustainable Asphalt Pavements In The Middle East`, the Conference will be held at the American University in Dubai, School of Engineering, from the 6th to 8th of April 2015.

The Conference aims at bringing together international state-of-the-art research and facilitating the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of asphalt technologies. The conference offers an interdisciplinary forum in the fields of performance, modelling, sustainability, analysis and design. With a projected attendance by more than 100 participants in the areas of asphalt technology and pavement engineering representing tens of countries and affiliations with industry, government, and academia, MESAT 2015 offers a unique opportunity to share valuable technical expertise and the exchange of asphalt paving experience in the Middle East and throughout the world.
The conference spans three days with technical presentations, workshops, and social events along with business meetings. We sincerely welcome you to take full advantage of the events with your active participation in the program and by sharing your expertise and passion for asphalt technologies. The 3rd MESAT Conference promises to be a leading event in 2015!


The 3rd MESAT Conference 2015 addresses the following topics:

  • Bitumen binder production, grading and modification
  • Sustainability challenges for the asphalt industry in the Middle East
  • Asphalt mixture design
  • Pavement analysis and design methods
  • Sustainable construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavements
  • Mixture and pavement modeling
  • Pavement performance prediction models
  • Asphalt overlay on concrete pavements


There is a growing demand for road construction in the Middle East (ME) and a growing number of specialists in the field. ME countries Western union point are rich in crude oil, the basic material for producing bitumen, which is used to surface more than 90% of roads around the world. Bitumen specifications, testing methods, and modification are advancing at a rapid rate that requires the focused and effective development and dissemination of knowledge about bitumen and asphalt roads.

MESAT is an association of academics, practitioners and managers of asphalt roads serving as a technical forum to share knowledge and develop effective methods for the delivery and maintenance of asphalt roads in the Middle East. MESAT enjoys close ties with asphalt researchers in North America and Europe and is, thus, part of a global network of scientific societies working to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable asphalt road infrastructure.

School of Engineering, AUD

The School of Engineering at The American University in Dubai (AUD) is the official host of the 3rd MESAT Conference 2015. AUD is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1995. The School of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in multiple engineering disciplines, providing students with American-style engineering education at the heart of Dubai. The School of Engineering programs are among the first to be accredited by ABET outside the USA, the most well recognized engineering accreditor worldwide, and are UAE accredited as well.

Strategically situated in the west suburbs of Dubai, the AUD campus adjoins Media City, Internet City and Dubai Marina, and is located within a mile from the Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands, and Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Participating Organizations
Supporting Organizations






3rd MESAT Conference Committees



Conference Co-Chairs
 Dr. Nariman Khalil
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering,
University of Balamand
 Dr. Hilal El-Hassan
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering,AUD
Organizing Committee
 Dr. Nariman Khalil
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering,
University of Balamand
 Dr. Hilal El-Hassan
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering-AUD, MESAT member
 Dr. Nader Tabatabee
Professor of Civil Engineering,
Sharif University of Technology
 Nesrene Salem
Outreach and Development Manager
School of Engineering, AUD
 Pameline Martin
Executive Assistant
School of Engineering, AUD
Technical Committee
 Dr. Clara Celauro
University of Palermo
 Dr. Amir Kavussi
Tarbiat Modares University
 Dr. Fereidoon Moghaddas Nejad
Amirkabir University of Technology
 Dr. Francois. Olard
EIFFAGE Travaux Publics
 Dr. Gabreile Tebaldi
University of Parma
Adjunct Professor- University of Florida E.S.S.I.E
 Dr. Mansoor Fakhri
K.N Toosi University of Technology
 Dr. Mostafa. El-Seifi
Lousiana State University
 Dr. Andreas. Loizos
National Technology University of Athens
 Dr. Herve. Di Bendetto
Universite de Lyon, ENTPE
 Dr. Hussain Al-Khalid
University of Liverpool
 Dr. Kamil Kaloush
Arizona State University
 Dr. Louay N. Mohammad
Louisiana State University
 Dr. Manfred N. PARTL
Empa Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
 Dr. Michael. P. Witsuba
Technish Univ. Braunschweig
 Dr. Mostafa Abo Hashema
Fayom University
 Dr. Walaa. Mogawer
University of Massachusetts
 Dr. Adil Tamimi
American University of Sharjah
 Dr. Ghassan Chehab
American University of Beirut
 Dr. Hussain. Bahia
University of Wisconsin - Madison
 Dr. Nariman. Khalil
University of Balamand
 Dr. Ramzi Taha
Qatar University
 Dr. Sherif. M. El Badawy
Mansoura University
 Dr. Zubair Ahmed
General Authority of Civil Aviation
 Dr. Khalid. Alshamsi
Sultan Qaboos University
 Dr. Nader Tabatabaee
Sharif University of Technology
 Dr. Mohammed Elbasyouny
 Dr. Mohammad Shareef Ghanim
Qatar University