Quality Control for Concrete on Site - Half-Day Workshop
24 February

Quality Control for Concrete on Site - Half-Day Course
Specifically designed for everyone involved in the construction of reinforced concrete structures.
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Course Overview

Quality control and acceptance testing are indispensable part of the construction practice. Such tests are required to assure that specified concrete properties are obtained. For the type of concretes currently used in our region and the severe exposure conditions, a high degree of confidence in concrete quality must be achieved through inspection and testing process.

The workshop will discuss the link between the concrete specifications, trial mix process and QA testing on site. It is the duty of Resident Engineer to supervise the quality control testing of the site-delivered concrete. Test results provide the engineers with feedback to base decisions regarding concrete mixes presented in the project specifications. Fresh concrete testing, detecting of concrete ingredients, finishing and curing procedures of normal and SCC concrete will be discussed.

In addition, frequently encountered problems and procedures and methods to overcome such problems will be discussed. Resident and supervision engineers will learn aspects of quality control (fresh and hardened properties) related to the specifications currently produced in the region, especially in major projects.

Who Should Attend?

  • Resident Engineers
  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Municipalities and government authorities Engineers
  • Owner's Inspectors
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Concrete ready-mix technical engineers
  • Materials Engineers and Inspectors
  • Laboratory Supervisors

Course Instructor

Dr. Mohamad Nagi is a world-known expert in the area of concrete and concrete durability. He has more than 25 years of experience in construction materials, concrete technology, corrosion of metals, durability, repair and non-destructive test methods. Currently serves as the Director of Infrastructure Sustainability and Assessment Centre at the American University in Dubai.

Until October of 2009, he was the regional manager of the materials technology and asset integrity group of GHD in Dubai. At GHD, Dr. Nagi Served as project director of an IVTA (Independent Verification and Testing Agency) program for Burj Khalifa and the Qatalum Aluminium Plant in Qatar. Dr. Nagi’s role in these projects was to provide technical support and advices on materials and monitor the quality of concrete and steel structures. Prior to joining GHD, he worked for 17 years at CTL Group, a leading engineering firm specialised in concrete materials and structures in the United States. He has been the author of more than 40 technical papers on concrete materials, corrosion, durability and non-destructive testing.

Course Contents
How to read and assess concrete specification document
What to do at trial mixing stage
Curing procedures for normal and SCC concretes
Acceptance of concrete – fresh properties
Acceptance of concrete - hardened properties
Detection of concrete ingredients
Independent verification and testing program
In-situ nondestructive testing of concrete
Course Fee: AED 500
Date: March 03,2015
Timing: 8:30 am -12:30 pm
Venue: American University in Dubai
  Room E109
For more information
Dr. Mohamad Nagi
T: +9714 318 3428
F: +9714 318 3419