DUBAI | 18 March, 2012

The International Symposium on Database Operations and Developments Technologies and Systems will be held on 18 March 2012 at The American University in Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E. The Symposium is to address, explore and exchange information on the state-of-the-art in database operations, their modeling and simulation, design and use, and their impact. Participation is extended to academics, researchers, designers, companies and interested parties in all database disciplines and specialties.

The theme of interest in DODS2012 this year is Mobility and the latest mobile applications in the field of Database Design and development. The Symposium will include invited presentations by experts from academia, industry, and government as well as contributed paper presentations describing original work on the current state of research in database operations, development, systems, applications and related issues. There will also be tutorial sessions, workshops, special sessions, demos, panel discussions, posters sessions, telepresence seminars, panel discussions, and exhibits. Conference sponsorships are welcome.

Date :   March 18, 2012
Venue:   American University in Dubai, UAE
10:00Opening Remarks  
10:15Towards information systems supporting mobile applications for subway tracks planning Prof. Martin Bruenig
11:00Accessing BIG DATA at the speed of thoughtMr. Raheel Khan and
Mr. Mazen Arawi
12:00The Democratization of Software DevelopmentDr. Khalid Khawaja
12:30Lunch Break 
13:45Oracle Database Engineered For InnovationMr. Mohamed Al Ojaimi
14:15IBMMr. Abdellah Ben Megdoul
15:00Why Windows PhoneMr. Ahmed Adel
15:45Afternoon Coffee Break  
16:00Many-Core Architectures: Processor Design Shift in The Mobile Computing EraDr. Sohaib Majzoub
16:30IBMMr. Ahmed Mamdouh
17:00Telemonitoring of Cardiovascular PatientsDr. Mulhim Al-Doori
17:30Closing Remarks 
Mobile Database.
Database Design.
Data Mining / Knowledge Discovery.
Database Concurrency, Transaction Management And Recovery.
Database Security.
Distributed Databases.
Current Research In Databases And Applications.




Conference Chair
 Dr. Khalid Khawaja
 Dr. Adnan El Nasan
 Dr. Hicham Elzabadani
 Dr. Mulhim Al Doori
Executive Manager
 Pameline Martin
Steering Committee
 Dr. Haitham Tayyar
 Dr. Hassan Zeineddine
 Dr. Hind Zantout
 Dr. Meis Moukayed
 Dr. Sohaib Majzoub
 Dr. Wathiq Mansoor
Executive Facilitators
 Mai Farouk
 Sirajuddin KM

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