About Electrical and Computer Engineering

Over the past decades, the fields of computer and electrical engineering have become indispensable to the advancement of society. In today's world, electric and electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and home appliances have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Throughout, computer and electrical engineers have been at the forefront of the industrial, computer, and communication revolutions.

The Computer and Electrical Engineering Programs at AUD provide the cutting edge undergraduate education required for diverse careers in electrical or computer engineering, and prepare graduates for graduate level studies. The broad range of expertise of our faculty covers multiple areas including communication engineering, electronics, power systems, software and hardware design, control and robotics, and embedded system design and integration.

Our undergraduate programs are designed to maintain a balance of breadth and depth in knowledge across multiple areas of competency. Students learn how to design electrical and computer system components, and develop additional proficiencies within specialty areas through a series of core and elective courses. Our cross-disciplinary approach to engineering education has enabled our students to consistently outrank their peers from other institutions in the region. The programs culminate into a field experience and a cross-disciplinary capstone design project in which students integrate their technical knowledge, communication skills, and professional education to develop actual engineering components and systems.

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