Labs and Facilities

Circuits and Electronics Lab
The circuits and electronics lab is part of the analog and digital lab. It is equipped with 8 stations of complete set of Agilent equipment; namely: digital multimeters, triple dc power supplies and function generators. Each station is also equipped with Textronix Mixed Signal oscilloscopes to help in analysing different signals and circuits. This lab is also equipped with various components and accessories such as bread boards, capacitors, resistors, inductors, and assorted probes, cables and connectors
Digital Systems and Microprocessors Lab
The digital systems and microprocessors lab is also a part of the analog and digital lab. This lab contains different kinds of Embedded System boards from NXP and Renesas, as well as, 8085 microprocessor boards and ALTERA development boards.
Communications Systems Lab
This lab is equipped with Lab-Volt analog and digital communications circuit boards. These tools allow students to model different communication signals such as AM, FM and a variety of other techniques.
Electromagnetics and Antenna Lab
This lab hosts Lab-Volt antenna’s equipments.
Electric Power Systems Lab
The Electric Power Systems lab contains different Lab-Volt equipment to deal with high voltages. These equipment include transformers, high power voltage source, resistive and capacitive loads, and DC generators. This lab also hosts cisco-system equipment for networking; such as routers and switches.
Senior Design Lab
The Senior Design Lab is created only for the use of senior students working on their senior projects. It contains four different stations. Each station is equipped same as in the Analog and Digital Lab.