Welcome Message

Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the American University in Dubai. Our Department offers locally and internationally accredited programs with curricula built for regional needs.

In a relatively short time, the Department established itself as the premier program in the region. Accreditation by different UAE and US higher education regulatory bodies testify to that. ABET accreditation of our programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering is a confirmation of our continued commitment to providing a world-class engineering education to our students.

Our faculty members are a selected group of professors who appreciate a rigorous, formal, disciplined and hands-on approach to engineering education. Actively involved in their field of expertise, our faculty members value the essence of education and spare no effort to help the students be curious, creative, think critically, develop problem-solving skills and become well-rounded individuals as well as lifelong learners. Our graduates have contributed to the local and international job markets and are praised by their employers. Many pursued post-graduate education and went on to graduate from top tier universities in North America and Europe.

I invite you to explore our programs so you have a better understanding of the stimulating, challenging and enjoyable academic life we aim to provide.

Dr. Hicham Elzabadani
Associate Professor and Chair

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