Undergraduate Minors

Minor in Computer Science

The minor in Computer Science is open to all students, except those majoring in Computer Engineering. This minor allows students to enhance their knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering in order to meet the multidisciplinary needs of modern technology. Students wishing to pursue the minor are responsible for completing all course prerequisites or establishing prerequisite equivalency. In addition to University-wide requirements, only courses counting toward the General Electives can also be counted toward this minor. A course may not be used to fulfill the requirements of more than one minor.

To complete the Minor in Computer Science, students must earn a minimum of 15 credit hours from the following courses:


  EECE 345 Computer Architecture 3
  EECE 350 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
  EECE 355 Software Engineering 3
  EECE 360 Computer Networks 3
  EECE 440 Embedded System Design, w/lab 3
  EECE 450 Operating Systems 3
  EECE 452 Relational Databases 3
  EECE 455 Digital Image Processing 3
  EECE 457 Mobile Applications 3
  EECE 460 Routing and Switching 3
  EECE 462 Data and Network Security 3
  MATH 250 Discrete Mathematics 3

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