The 7th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition Held At AUD

The Department of Civil Engineering at the School of Engineering in partnership with the ASCE Student Chapter at AUD recently held the 7th Annual GCC Wooden Bridge Competition which saw the AUD team take home the first place prize for their outstanding work on building the most load efficient bridge.

This year, the competition was expanded to include universities from across the GCC who competed in the event to encourage interaction between students and professors. The event, sponsored by the Society of Engineers, Institution of Structural Engineers and Bentley Software Solutions, saw 7 universities competing to create the best wooden bridge design capable of carrying the heaviest load.

"The Annual Wooden Bridge Competition provides an opportunity for engineering students to shine outside the confines of the classroom," commented Dr. Hilal El-Hassan, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering.

The event brought together a wide variety of students from engineering schools across the UAE and GCC for friendly competitions centered on wooden bridge testing. “Through the design and construction of model bridges, students are provided with a valuable learning experience, encouraged to adopt a sense of teamwork, and enabled to develop an understanding of non-technical constraints in design and construction. Most importantly, the competition offers an amusing and informal yet technical event to encourage interaction between students and professors,” explained Dr. El-Hassan.

The Wooden Bridge competition is an annual opportunity providing students with a valuable learning experience which serves as a means of translating theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. The event encourages a sense of teamwork among the students and fosters the development of the academic community. Furthermore, it enables students to develop a sense of economy when consuming materials and an understanding of non-technical constraints on design and construction.

Participants included students, staff and faculty from Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates University, Manipal University, American University of Sharjah, University of Sharjah, Al Hosn University, and the German University in Oman.

The winners of this year’s 7th Annual Wooden Bridge Competition were judged on their designs load efficiency capacity which is judged by the following formula: Load efficiency = , where load and weight are measured in kg.


1st place – American University in Dubai
2nd place – American University of Sharjah
3rd place – Manipal University