AUDmobil takes part in the shell Eco-marathon

Engineering students at the American University in Dubai successfully tested AUDmobil, the UAE's first electric vehicle to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) competition. A group of Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering students joined their efforts in order to design and build the car under the supervision of Dr. Kwon Joong Son. The project was completed by sophomore, junior and senior students Tarek Halabi, Omar Hegazi, Omar Labban, Mustafa Alloh, Alaa Murad, Fikre Haj Hussein, Haytham Abu Zeitoun, Fadi Kfoury, Wael Bou Ajram, and Amna Bani Hashem.


The project provided students with the ability to apply the knowledge they acquired in their classes, while gaining significant hands-on experience. The project was sponsored by Shell and Al Nasr Engineering, and supported by other AUD departments, including the Visual Communication (VC) Department. On September the 30th 2013, AUDmobil took part in a test run at the Yas Marina Circuit with six other fuel efficient cars designed and built by students from other universities. Two AUD students, Omar Hegazi and Fikre Haj Husein, also got the chance to tour Shell's lab and garage, where they met experts in Ferrari motors at Yas Island and F1 Drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.


Aside from completing a historical run at Yas Marina Circuit, AUDmobil marks a series of achievements attained by AUD students. Stirred by their passion for engineering, AUD students completed the project as an extra-curriculuar activity, without it being applied towards any course credit. Additionally, the project was completed by a majority of junior and sophomore students, making AUD's team standout as the youngest UAE team to participate in the competition. Inspired by the sense of diversity at AUD, the team was the first in the UAE to feature female participants.


According to the project leader, Omar Labban, "the team members, having heard the words 'not possible' countless times, demonstrated that with the right vision, passion, and commitment, everything is certainly possible at AUD".