Construction Executive Roundtable Series (CERtS)

In September 2012 we have successfully launched our Masters of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) program. The inaugural class commenced with seventeen MSCM graduate students who are excited about advancing their careers in construction industry.


Our goal is to develop future leaders in construction management and we are working on complementing our in-class offerings with extracurricular activities to broaden student's horizons and insights into the industry and industry leadership. Along these lines, we are launching the Construction Executive Roundtable Series (CERtS).


This series is designed for Construction Executives to share knowledge with the students in the MSCM program. The series will take place on AUD campus in our roundtable conference room, and are designed to be interactive. They will be held in the evenings from 7:00 to 8:30pm. Every speaker for the series will be asked to develop a topic which they would like to share with upcoming construction leaders and along with a thirty minute presentation which could then lead into discussion. The presentation can be on any topic of value such as case studies, leadership strategies, construction challenges, technical tools, etc.

The CERtS are planned to be held on the following tentative dates:


 Sunday, Oct 21st 2012
 Sunday, Nov 18th 2012
 Sunday, Dec 16th 2012
 Sunday, Jan 20th 2013
 Sunday, Feb 17th 2013
 Sunday, Mar 17th 2013
 Sunday, Apr 21st 2013


Participation for the series will be by invitation only, therefore if you wish to participate please send in your details to Ms. Raquel Acedera at