Design and Play         

Students and professors in the Computer Science Department are taking the game industry in the region to higher levels. With a special track in Game Design and Development, the Computer Science curriculum aims to produce graduates with unique skills in game production and a thorough knowledge of the industry’s best practices.


Dr. Hicham Elzabadani, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, is leading the efforts in developing applications using cutting edge game kits and engines, including Sony PlayStation Portable and Crytek engines. Students in his classes get full access to the same tools used in the game industry. In addition, students have access to robotics platforms like the AR.Drone and iRobot Create to use them to create augmented reality games.


Cross-disciplinary collaborations with on game design and development has also been high on AUD's Computer Science Department agenda. When a professor from the Visual Communication Department, an AUD alumnus, and an industry specialist teamed up with Computer Science faculty to discuss game design and development, little did they know the initiative would lead AUD students to reach new heights. The idea was to bring together participants from the fields of graphic design and computer science to build a game of their choice. The teams went on to work on the visualization and development of a fully functional computer game that would appeal to the regional audience, with around five minutes of game play. With state-of-the-art 3D modeling and animation in place, one of the teams developed Trail of Wisdom, which takes place in ancient summer. A second team proposed Carzar, a 2D Management Simulation Game taking place in Dubai, and a third team came up with Lost Destiny, where the game protagonist digs for buried treasure in Dubai.


Moumen Rezaei, now a graduate of AUD's Computer and Information Technology Department, said that the game gave him a unique opportunity to develop skills in areas he never thought he could explore. "With all the unforeseen challenges that came along with it, I'm delighted to have our most organic project yet, one of which we're extremely proud. We learned that 'impossible' only takes a little longer," he said about his experience. His colleagues, Farkad Al Sabiri, was equally excited about the idea of cross-discipline collaborations. He described his experience working with "an awesome team from the [computer science, visual communication, and interior design departments] was a blast, brutal and epic! It is one of my favorite projects at AUD, and I am so proud to finish my undergraduate degree working on such a great project, with a great team. In the end we learned that with team work, hard work, and most importantly with lots of fun, one can truly exceed expectations." One of the graphic design participants, Badr Sadiq, was thrilled about his experience, which "touched on a childhood dream that I always wanted to try, of developing a game."


Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of courses in game design and development, computer graphics techniques, and artificial intelligence.