Innovative Technologies         

For the fifth year in a row, AUD students have placed in the top three teams at the IEEE UAE senior design competition. Last year, students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program at the American University in Dubai (AUD) had won the first prize in the IEEE Competition for the 4th year in a row.


Under the supervision of AUD professors, AUD students are leading the way in designing and implementing advanced electronic systems for applications such as smart houses, motion detection and recognition, sound localization, and advertising. Bassilio Dahlan, Milad Abbasi and Parham Honarbakhsh worked on last year's award winning senior design project: a Sound Source Localization for Automatic Camera Steering. The system is capable of autonomously directing a video camera to the source of the sound within a video-conferencing environment. The project has significant potential in applications such as telepresence and security monitoring, among others. This year, AUD students Nithin Thaha, Elmuzamil Eltoum, Marwa Attiya, and Dipak Samuel designed and built a synchronized water curtain that displays pre-programmed images and text. The project was funded by an industrial partner, with the aim to market the product at a large scale.


Dr. Wathiq Mansoor, Professor of Computer Engineering, commented on the challenges of designing and implementing such projects. "The quality of the projects reflects the high standards of teaching at the School of Engineering at AUD, and proves that we are forming engineers who are excellent designers and innovators," said Mansoor


"It was our last project at AUD, so we gave it all the time and effort it deserves from day one", explains Bassilio Dahlan, who served as the team leader for the sound localization project. "I am very proud of our achievement in the IEEE Competition; it really demonstrates the high standards of education at AUD". Another team member, Parham Honarbakhsh, said that "the experience I had with this project was unique." He singled our teamwork skills, hard work, and faculty support as the main factors contibuting to the success of his projects.