Generating Electricity

Dr. Abraham Mansouri has been conducting cutting-edge research at the interface between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and nanotechnology. His findings on the characterization of transient streaming potential in microchannels have been recently published in leading scientific journals including Electrophoresis, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry, and Journal of Colloid Interface Science.


Dr. Mansouri's research interests date back to his PhD studies at the University of Alberta in Canada several years ago. His doctoral work was directed under the supervision of Professors Larry Kostiuk and Subir Bhattacharjee. His dissertation investigated fluid flow in a finite length glass microchannel array, both numerically and experimentally. With notable implications on the generation of electricity from fluid flow, his research has been featured on BBC News. After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Mansouri worked in NOVA Chemicals, the largest polymer producer in Calgary, Alberta, as a research engineer. He supported the manufacturing sites and collaborated with R&D scientists in a cross-functional team environment. He then moved on to work at Mitsubishi Electric Canada, in the Vancouver area, as a system engineer specializing in VRF, or variable refrigerant flow). His work focused on design and energy modeling of high performance heat pump and heat recovery systems for LEED buildings.


After joining AUD in Fall 2011, Dr. Mansouri continues to advance his research plans. His current interests are in applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), micro-fluidics, and nanotechnology in energy conversion, renewable energy and efficient building design. "I see tremendous potential for expanding my research program through collaboration with external parties such as the UAE government and private sector," he explains. He also says he enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with current faculty members and students on developing research projects.


Outside academia, Abraham is an avid sportsman. As a member of the University of Alberta's table tennis team, he was the 2007 gold medalist and 2005 silver medalist at the Corporate Challenge Competition. He and his team also held top-three rankings in table tennis and basketball in university-wide competitions in 2003 and 2004.