Beyond Mechatronics

Mechanical Engineering faculty members are working closely with colleagues from other departments - namely Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science - to establish an interdisiplinary robotics lab at AUD. The lab will incorporate elements of mechatronics, embedded systems, computer vision, and advanced sensors to expose students to the field of robotics, and to encourage them to participate in advanced competitions. In preparation for developing the lab facilities, AUD's School of Engineering is upgrading its Khepera and Koala robots, both of which have been used in student projects in the past.


AUD's Electrical and Computer Engineering students have scored earlier successes with robotic systems, inlcluding the design and assembly of an autonomous robot that tracks books on library shelves using RFID technology. The robot compares the list of shelved books against the library’s catalog to generate an inventory of missing and misplaced books. Another project involved the development of a programmable path robot capable of detecting land mines and generating a grid map with their locations.



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