A Stronger Impact

Mechanical Engineering faculty member, Dr. Kwon Joon Son, has been conducting analytical, numerical, and experimental research on a highly sought topic: dynamics and mechanics of shielding materials such as bullet resistant fabrics, metal foams, ballistic ceramics. He has been studying new materials to better protect against ballistic shocks, including composites and smart materials such as piezoelectric ceramics, magnetostrictive solids, and magnetorheological fluids. His research has direct and broad impacts on the protection of human lives, manimizing casualties during war time, and safe law enforcement.


To investigate the mechanics of advanced shielding materials and smart structures under intensive impact loading, Dr. Son is using powerful computers to model nonlinear phenomena such as shock wave-induced melting, fragmentation and perforation, damage and plasticity, massive debris transportation, and fluid-solid interaction. "It was a great experience to access and utilize highly sophisticated experimental and computing facilities such as Small Arms Test Facility operated by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and the cluster supercomputer called Ranger, which is the largest supercomputing system in the world for open science research and operated by Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)," he said, explaining his experiences in the USA prior to joining AUD.


At AUD, Professor Son teaches materials science and engineering, as well as applied mechanics and control systems.

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