World-Class Scholarship

Civil Engineering graduate Mouin Al Masoodi was one of eight students to be awarded the 2011 ExxonMobil MENA Scholarship in Fall 2011. Masoodi is a recent graduate of the Civil Engineering Department, and past president of Al-Qalam, the Arabic Literature Club at AUD. He was selected after a rigorous application screening and interview process among a total of 300 students applying for the scholarship from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


The ExxonMobil MENA Scholars Program is a highly competitive scholarship program, funded by ExxonMobil Corporation, with the goal of developing regional skills in the area of geoscience.  The program is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE), an international organization that also manages the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.  The program enables selected student leaders from the Middle East and North Africa to continue their studies toward a Master’s degree in geoscience at a top US university.  In addition to placement in one of several leading US universities, ExxonMobil Scholars receive a fully funded scholarship covering tuition, housing, stipends, insurance, textbooks, computer expenses, transportation to the US, visa fees, and academic support.  Scholars attend an intensive orientation program and an annual conference, and are given an opportunity to complete summer internships with ExxonMobil.


This year, some 300 MENA applications were evaluated by a panel of international education experts and faculty.  Among this pool, a total of 21 students were shortlisted on the basis of technical merit.  “I was excited to receive news that I was shortlisted,” said Masoodi.  “I then attended a three-day short-course in Abu Dhabi on 25-27 February to develop skills related to the program and participate in numerous teamwork activities.  Before making their final decisions, the selection panel evaluated our prospects for success in graduate school, as well as the alignment of our career goals with the program mission,” he added.  Masoodi has signed the contract for the scholarship in Summer 2011 and has since joined the School of Geology Master's Program at Oklahoma State University, where he is conducting research on the effects of bio-films on the propagation of seismic waves.