Senior Design Day

The School of engineering at the American University in Dubai (AUD) organized a Senior Design presentation day on 21st April 2011. It was a full day event consisting of two sessions, one for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and second session was for the Department of Civil engineering. Twenty undergraduate students presented their work before AUD faculty, students, and professional from leading companies. The Senior Design presentation day was organized in collaboration with AUD's Career Services department. Several government organizations and companies were invited to attend the presentation day in order to connect with AUD Senior Engineering students and AUD faculty.


The presentations for electrical and computer engineering included a programmable water curtain, and a real-time detection, tracking and reaction system for objects moving at high speeds. The former project was to design, implement and test a programmable water curtain that displays words and/or pictures within streams of falling water. The project encompassed several engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. The latter project was to design, implement and test a real-time detection and tracking system of fast moving objects based on a video stream, and a laser pointing system to react/defend against the threat.


The civil engineering students designed a hypothetical commercial facility and redesign an intersection on Sheikh Zayed Road to support increased traffic. The project was distributed among three teams, where each team had to focus on the design of different structures independently located on the site, along with provisions for future development.


The senior design presentation day was attended by representatives from government organizations and multinational companies including DEWA, Rubenius, and Horizon among others.