Contest Environment

  1. The contest operating system environment is Microsoft Windows 7.
  2. The programming languages will be C, C++, and JAVA.
  3. For judging and clarifications, we’ll be using PC^2 , Version 9.2 or later. For the PC^2 team manual, Click here for PDF version.
  4. For development in the contest, we will provide the gcc compiler, g++ and gdb debugger from the MinGW environment, and javac and java from the Java Development Kit Standard Edition Version 5.0 or later.
  5. Contestants who choose to use these IDEs must be aware, however, that submitted code MUST compile correctly with gcc or with javac!.
  6. We will provide the following IDEs:
    • Eclipse 3.2.1 or later
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 or later
    • NetBeans 6.1 or later
    • Code::Blocks 8.02 (or higher) with GCC and GDB debugger from MinGW
    • Dev-C++


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