JEEL is a home for the future,
designed by those who stand to inherit it
Young,Innovative,Talented students.

About Us

An effective multidisciplinary team has been established as a result of frequent professional meetings within the AUD community and with relevant reputable companies. AUD students from different disciplines including Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, also Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Communications are confidently onboard to study, design, and execute a sustainable house within the constraints set by SDME.    Read more


The different Schools at AUD have united in order to share ideas, and develop an extra ordinary Solar Decathlon project. The School of Engineering is leading the Solar Decathlon AUD team. All the departments within the School of Engineering are involved, these departments include: Civil, Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical. The engineering faculty is fully committed and dedicated to the project as they have expertise in various engineering aspects including structures, sustainability and HVAC and energy systems, and construction management.  Read more


After the competition, JEEL will be relocated and expanded at the AUD campus where it will be an incubation for research, education and outreach purposes. It will be primarily used as a research center for development and testing of green technologies and raising awareness in events that would educate students about the importance of eco-friendly. Dubai being a forward looking emirate, JEEL research center will act as a catalyst to help in educating the community about environmental sustainability through organizing programs such as science fair, innovation week and engineering open house.