Mission and Goals


Located in the heart of Dubai, The American University in Dubai (AUD) is one of the region's most prestigious institutions. Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1995, AUD's faculty possess excellent credentials mostly have been practicing professionals of note fit for Dubai's vision and its future developments. In 1995, AUD opened its doors with just 165 students. Nowadays, it is home to more than 3000 students from 100 different nationalities. It is not only the student body that is diverse; AUD also houses staff and faculty from all over the world. The university has expanded evidently throughout the years as it now offers 10 undergraduate programs and 3 graduate programs. Since its launch, the AUD family has been aiming for nothing less than the best accreditation and acknowledgement in order to deliver an education that is suitable for one of the world's most important innovation hubs, Dubai. Aside from being accredited from the Institute of Higher Education in the UAE, AUD's diverse Schools have sought accreditation from respectable international entities.

The different Schools at AUD have united in order to share ideas, and develop an extra ordinary Solar Decathlon project. The School of Engineering is leading the Solar Decathlon AUD team. All the departments within the School of Engineering are involved, these departments include: Civil, Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical. The engineering faculty is fully committed and dedicated to the project as they have expertise in various engineering aspects including structures, sustainability and HVAC and energy systems, and construction management. The primary faculty advisor for the AUD team is Professor Peiman Kianmehr. Dr. Kianmehr's expertise is in water and environmental engineering, with emphasis on water & wastewater treatment and sustainable water resource and handling systems. Dr. Peiman conducts various researches in the field of sustainability and environmental engineering. Aside from Dr. Peiman, many other professors who are keen on construction management and cost analysis, electrical systems, and mechanical machinery are also involved with the Solar Decathlon project. All relevant student chapters such as IEEE, ASCE, ASME, WEF chapters are onboard to publicize and involve their members in the Solar Decathlon project. At AUD, we believe that strength and success come from unity. Therefore, the various departments at AUD are determined to work hand in hand in order to present an innovative, practical, and most importantly sustainable Solar Decathlon project.


After the competition, JEEL will be relocated and expanded at the AUD campus where it will be an incubation for research, education and outreach purposes. It will be primarily used as a research center for development and testing of green technologies and raising awareness in events that would educate students about the importance of eco-friendly. Dubai being a forward looking emirate, JEEL research center will act as a catalyst to help in educating the community about environmental sustainability through organizing programs such as science fair, innovation week and engineering open house.