To assess the teams communication capacity to find creative, effective and efficient ways (adapted to each target group, avoiding any exclusion) of transmitting the Competition relevant topics (sustainability, innovation and energy efficiency) as well as those ideas that define the team's and project's own identity.

It will be assessed on

The deliverables relative to the project, as well as all the actions developed throughout the whole project development until the competition in Versailles. These include the different events organized (activities involving interaction with the public, i.e. Public Tours) and the material submitted (information transmission by any mean: audiovisual, electronic, written, etc. such as a documentary, media impacts or web sites). The jury will also assess how teams have planned to share their experience and put it to good use after the event and what will be the prototype's second life

How it will be evaluated

A jury of communication professionals shall assign an overall score to the team's communications plan, dissemination actions and its core message.

Concepts to be evaluated