We possess the strongest record among engineering schools in the region in terms of graduating student placement in academia and in the industry. With local and international accreditations in place, and through a broad education grounded in cultural diversity and technical excellence, our graduates continue to be highly sought at both the regional and global levels.



Our clubs provide a welcoming atmosphere, activities, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, field trips and friends centered within specific interest or major areas. They serve as professional organizations that address the special needs and interests of students in specific areas of study. They encourage members to explore their interests and talents.













Student Corner

I moved from Italy to attend The American University in Dubai and pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. It was difficult for me to leave behind my friends, family and the surroundings in which I felt safe and comfortable.

What I expected to find in Dubai was the perfect environment for a university student majoring in civil engineering. What appeared in front of my eyes was the biggest construction site on Earth. For some people it might be annoying, for me is much more interesting than any TV show.

The university, on the other hand, has to transform my skills with numbers, my interest in constructions and my creativity, into a professional engineer, capable of designing new solutions and making his way through the world of business with confidence and competence. So far, I have learned a lot and met with a great number of professors who are making this possible. In fact I'd like to thank my physics teacher for enhancing my understanding of nature and its laws and my math teacher for proving that math is not about numbers only. I would also like to thank the Dean of Engineering for having created a curriculum  ....   Read more

Four years seems to be a long time. I remember my days as freshman when I looked at the future four years to be the longest and the hardest ones. I wasn't fully wrong! Four years have indeed been hard but surely not long. Time just flew by. Not because I wasted it, just because I considered it precious and made most out of it. I belong to the group of students who spend most of their time in E building either solving long home works or studying for exams. Indeed, I am talking about engineering at the American University in Dubai. Being an engineering student makes you unique, not because you have tough courses; but for having E building as your home for the four years. As an engineering student, you whine about home works, lab works, and projects but at the same time you socialize with your fellow students, make strong bonds, and learn beyond your classroom walls.

The environment at AUD provides you with various opportunities for personal and career development. Activities ranging from cultural to educational allow you to expand your knowledge. Learning is a lifelong process; hence, each moment spent at the university teaches you something important. Someone once said, "Life would be much easier if I have the source code." It is true that if you knew what lied ahead, you would not struggle and strive to reach a goal. But the fun is where you don't know what resides ahead and you strive to reach your dreams. Read more

Four years have passed. These years might not have a big effect on a person's life. However, at AUD, they mirrored tons of changes in me. I felt these changes not only through my own experience, but also through the people around me. When I look back at my journey at AUD, it seems like I just started yesterday. I feel as if I had a dream and woke up to become a different person. A dream does not last for a long time, and time at AUD goes very fast. In dreams, it is hard to remember all details. However, at AUD I can remember every single detail. Every class I took, every person I met, and every experience I went through contributed to the formation of my character.

I still remember the first day on which I came to AUD after I was granted Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid's scholarship to study Electrical Engineering. It was my first time to travel outside my homeland; Palestine. There was a huge difference between the way I lived in Palestine and the way I lived at AUD. For a moment, I wanted to go back to Palestine, but everything changed when I met the people who are behind the great success of AUD. The dark vision gradually became brighter when I met my colleagues and started to get adjusted to the life at AUD.

Day after day, the cultural differences faded away. I got dissolved by the AUD medium.

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The American University in Dubai is a marvelous place to study at and spend time with students who come from 80 different countries from all over the world. Since I joined AUD, I knew that it would be the best place to prepare me for my career, by providing me not only with the knowledge and skills needed, but also by helping me to better understand and be aware of the different cultures around me and sharpen my social skills. If you are seeking an adventurous university experience where you can both enjoy and learn at the same time then you should be here, at AUD!

To me, AUD is a chance to get myself prepared for the life after graduation. One of the great aspects of AUD is the campus. AUD has a very open, lovely and respectful campus where you can meet new students everyday. There is a wide range of events and activities arranged by the different cultural and professional clubs at AUD. Participating in those events will definitely help you utilize the knowledge and skills you have developed and will use later on in real life. Team work is another important skill which I have developed at AUD. Working within teams to accomplish projects is a powerful tool that most teachers here use. As Thomas Edison said, "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration" therefore, I strongly believe that teamwork is a very basic and important skill which every student should possess in order to have a successful career in the future.

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The Admissions Department consists of a professional team that assists prospective students gain accessibility to opportunities in higher education. AUD admits to its degree programs students who possess appropriate credentials and the demonstrated capacity and potential to successfully complete the educational programs provided by the university.



Fall semester      : August 10
Spring semester : December 21



Our students enjoy international and study abroad opportunities through mutual exchange agreement with top universities such as Georgia Tech and Missouri S&T.





Through special scholarships, academic support and early preparation programs, we enhance the educational experience and success of students from groups traditionally underrepresented in engineering, including women and minorities. We also offer many merit-based scholarships that enhance the affordability of a superb engineering education.


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We connect our students through our extensive partnerships and relations with industry, alumni and government to provide them with unique hands-on experiences via internships and our field experience programs. These unique programs, in collaboration with local and regional industry sponsors, exposes our students to the latest trends and technologies and prepares them for successful careers even before they graduate. These experiences immerse you in the workplace and allow companies to assess your fit as a potential employee.



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