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Ala AshmawyThe School of Engineering at AUD has been at the forefront of engineering higher education in Dubai. Our School is located in one of the fastest growing cities in the world, thus providing our students with a dynamic learning environment that is unparalleled elsewhere in the region. Our engineering programs experienced a phenomenal growth over the past few years in student enrollment as well as in stature among professionals in the region. We have one of the most prestigious and influential advisory boards in the region, boast regional (MOHESR) and American (ABET) accreditation for our programs, and possess the strongest record among engineering schools in the region in terms of graduating student placement in academia and in the industry. Our students enjoy international and study abroad opportunities through mutual exchange agreement with top universities such as Georgia Tech and Missouri S&T.

Since joining AUD as Dean of Engineering, my main goals have been to enhance the educational experience for our students, to support the faculty through a number of initiatives aimed at enriching their professional experience, and to partner with the region’s professional community with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and practice. We continue to build and equip our state-of-the-art laboratories and classroom facilities, to recruit faculty of the highest caliber, and to maintain accreditation at multiple levels for our undergraduate programs. Our field experience program, in collaboration with local and regional industry sponsors, exposes our students to the latest trends and technologies and prepares them for successful careers even before they graduate.

As our programs continue to grow, I am committed to ensuring that the professional yet personable student-faculty rapport, a unique trait of AUD Engineering, continues to prevail throughout the School's culture. Our small class sizes guarantee the highest levels of interaction between faculty and students. Through a modern liberal arts curriculum combined with cutting edge technological education, our graduates develop strong communication skills, ethical values, as well as professional and technical competence. We emphasize the importance of maintaining one's cultural identity while genuinely respecting those of others. Our students learn not only how to design and develop engineered systems, but also how to communicate their ideas professionally and develop real solutions for a real world.

The diversity of our student body and faculty in terms of cultural and educational background has been a great asset toward fulfilling our mission and objectives. Our faculty have set a number of short-term goals that include introduction of a master’s degree in construction management; facilities development for the newly established mechanical engineering department; positioning of the Infrastructure Sustainability and Assessment Center as an international repository for expertise in construction material durability; and the establishment of a number of competitive student scholarships in partnership with the industry. While our student enrollment is constantly on the rise, an aggressive student recruitment campaign is underway to attract the best and brightest to our School.

Our website is our gateway to students, alumni, community professionals, regional partners, and others interested in learning about the School’s programs and activities. Let us hear from you if you have comments, suggestions, or contributions.

Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy, P.E.
Professor and Dean, School of Engineering